Workshops for companies, groups & associations


In different Hangab-workshops, indoor and on powerful trees in the nature in Germany and abroad, we made the experience of intense teambuilding.


Similar as in mountaineering the upside down hanging and the fact of being at someone´s mercy creates trust, respect and empathy (in both) and helps to let go on a very deep level.


This softens even “hard shells”, honest and authentic being becomes possible and opens the space for encounters on a new plane. This and the situation to hang headlong, supports the treating partner to be absolutely present. Presence causes even more trust, empathy and intuitive operation.


The perception for our own needs, those of the partner and the group is sensitized and allows us to feel the strength of the group.

This is the base for new - for change and reorganisation, for miracle and selfhealing.


Quotation of several workshop participants: “I have never felt so present in my life.“