Being lifted up very slow and in stages gives the body time to adapt and prevents and uncomfortable pressure in the head.


The Spine can freely hang and the head naturally gives up the control. Our balance system f.e. doesnot work as normal in the inversion. Being moved 1 cm into one direction can make you feel like flying 2 meters through space. It is a pleasant feeling of floating and hovering and naturally shuts off the computer within.


The Hangab-Test showed that all test persons came to the so-called stillpoint. A state inwhich our system shuts down and then restarts again. Therefore the results of the test where all about new alignment, regeneration, low blood pressure came up, high blood pressure came down, increase of the selfhealing powers amm...


Most people who have experiences with Yoga or simillar can go into full flying the first time but also for them it can be good to first experience a Hangab Ground Session and then go up.


And whoever goes up all the way of course always can say stop and we will bring you back to earth.