Effects and Test

In a lot of old cultures, the inverted position is known for its revitalising and centering characteristics. Weather its yoga, shaolin, the druids & witches,...


It helps at both, low and high blood pressure, regenerating the spinal discs, joints in knee, shoulder and pelvis, can release traumas, states of shock and old patterns.



 We feel it instinctively: hanging upside down does something to us. It puts the world upside down. But things do not only change on the outside. Also on the inside things start to move and can place themselves in a new order. And since these changes are very clearly experienced subjectively by every single person, we had the idea to look for the objectively measurable as well.


Motivated by the enthusiasm of the general medical practitioner Dr. Inge Erbe, we conducted a test with six persons for this purpose in October 2005.


The Osteopath Bettina Eisenmann and the Kinesiologist Gabriele Dangel also showed a strong interest in examining the positive effects of Hangab from the particular viewpoint of each of their therapy methods. So they tested different specific parameters in the six persons before and after a 45-minute long Hangab-session. Beyond our expectations there were profound improvements on all levels (physical, ethereal and energetic) showed in all of the three test- perspectives.





Our bodyís ability for self-healing seams to be massively activated by Hangab and it seams to affect existing blockades of energy, System and joints swiftly and lastingly.



Tested Parameters:


General medicine:


  • Pulse and blood-pressure
  • Blockades in joints (measured at ear-acupuncture-points)
  • Right/Left balance of the brain-halves
  • Body-height


Craniosakrale Ostoepathie:


Through touch directly on the head


  • the form of the scull
  • the functioning of the cervical spine (flexion, extension, torsion, side-movement, rotation, vertical strain, lateral strain, compression)
  • and the vibration of the brain fluid (with mobility, amplitude and strength)can be examined.
  • Furthermore ìendocrinal spasmsî or injuries of the brain can be felt through touch that have their origin in traumatic, emotional or family-related experiences and have a negative effect on our body-systems.






Via muscle-test the following have been examined:


  • Ability for self-healing
  • Ability for recovery
  • Life-energy (Prana)
  • Ability for detoxification
  • Immune-system
  • Hormonal system
  • Brain-integration right/left
  • Joint-blockades
  • Blockades of the Chakras




Test results


General medicine:


  • Harmonization of blood pressure in all the test persons
    -    No acceleration of the pulse, which means no strain on the heart-circulatory-system
    -    Fixations and blockades were dissolved (measured on the ear through acupuncture-points)
    -    Right/Left balance of the brain halves in all the test persons
    - Body-height up to three centimeters more which suggests a regeneration of the vertebrae


Craniosacral Osteopathy:


  • All clients had before the treatment dysfunctions and changes in mobility, amplitude and strength of the vibration of the brain-fluid. Afterwards there was a distinct reduction of dysfunction in the scull and a better vibration of the brain-fluid to be found.
  • After the Hangab also the injuries in the brain were to be felt much less. That means that the concerned areas in the brain are functioning better and the traumata are loosing their inhibiting effects on body and life
  • What was remarkable was that all the six clients experienced a ìStill pointî and a ìdeep stillnessî


This means deep relaxation and a new ìchargingî of the body-system. (More information below




  • The self-healing ability before was between 20 and 60 %, afterwards between 90 and 100 %
  • Blockades of joints and vertebrae disappeared
  • All charkas were activated (before some or all of the charkas had been blocked in five of the persons)
  • Improvement of immune-system in two cases from 70 to 100 %
  • In all other tested systems also improvements of different strength, no deterioration





Health shows itself in the intact interaction of all the body- and organ-functions, in harmonious movement, ability for intellectual performance and a balanced emotional life. Many people today are conscious of the meaning and value of their health.
Hangab has obvious positive effects on our energy and therefore also on all other systems and our health.


All of us who have been part of this test were astonished and enthusiastic about these almost unbelievable results!!!


What is also fascinating: the test results of the different methods of examination are matching!


A Thank you to all who have made this test possible.